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pact-jvm-consumer-groovy-v3 =========================== Groovy DSL for Pact JVM implementing V3 specification changes. ##Dependency The library is available on maven central using: * group-id = `` * artifact-id = `pact-jvm-consumer-groovy-v3_2.11` * version-id = `2.2.x` or `3.0.x` ##Usage Add the `pact-jvm-consumer-groovy-v3` library to your test class path. This provides a `PactMessageBuilder` class for you to use to define your pacts. If you are using gradle for your build, add it to your `build.gradle`: dependencies { testCompile '' } ## Consumer test for a message consumer The `PactMessageBuilder` class provides a DSL for defining your message expectations. It works in much the same way as the `PactBuilder` class for Request-Response interactions. ### Step 1 - define the message expectations Create a test that uses the `PactMessageBuilder` to define a message expectation, and then call `run`. This will invoke the given closure with a message for each one defined in the pact. ```groovy def eventStream = new PactMessageBuilder().call { serviceConsumer 'messageConsumer' hasPactWith 'messageProducer' given 'order with id 10000004 exists' expectsToReceive 'an order confirmation message' withMetaData(type: 'OrderConfirmed') // Can define any key-value pairs here withContent(contentType: 'application/json') { type 'OrderConfirmed' audit { userCode 'messageService' } origin 'message-service' referenceId '10000004-2' timeSent: '2015-07-22T10:14:28+00:00' value { orderId '10000004' value '10.000000' fee '10.00' gst '15.00' } } } ``` ### Step 2 - call your message handler with the generated messages This example tests a message handler that gets messages from a Kafka topic. In this case the Pact message is wrapped as a Kafka `MessageAndMetadata`. ```groovy { Message message -> messageHandler.handleMessage(new MessageAndMetadata('topic', 1, new kafka.message.Message(message.contentsAsBytes()), 0, null, valueDecoder)) } ``` ### Step 3 - validate that the message was handled correctly ```groovy def order = orderRepository.getOrder('10000004') assert order.status == 'confirmed' assert order.value == 10.0 ``` ### Step 4 - Publish the pact file If the test was successful, a pact file would have been produced with the message from step 1.

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2.2.15 pact-jvm-consumer-groovy-v3_2.10 2015-09-17 10:05:06 UTC
2.2.14 pact-jvm-consumer-groovy-v3_2.10 2015-09-07 10:06:42 UTC
2.2.13 pact-jvm-consumer-groovy-v3_2.10 2015-08-29 05:20:45 UTC
2.2.12 pact-jvm-consumer-groovy-v3_2.10 2015-08-09 07:13:57 UTC
2.2.11 pact-jvm-consumer-groovy-v3_2.10 2015-08-02 04:44:47 UTC