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DescriptionMaven plugin to verify a provider [version 2.1.9+] ================================================== Maven plugin for verifying pacts against a provider. The Maven plugin provides a `verify` goal which will verify all configured pacts against your provider. ## To Use It ### 1. Add the pact-jvm-provider-maven plugin to your `build` section of your pom file. ```xml [...] [...] pact-jvm-provider-maven_2.11 2.1.9 [...] [...] ``` ### 2. Define the pacts between your consumers and providers You define all the providers and consumers within the configuration element of the maven plugin. ```xml pact-jvm-provider-maven_2.11 2.1.9 provider1 http localhost 8080 / consumer1 path/to/provider1-consumer1-pact.json ``` ### 3. Execute `mvn` You will have to have your provider running for this to pass. ## Verifying all pact files in a directory for a provider. [2.1.10+] You can specify a directory that contains pact files, and the Pact plugin will scan for all pact files that match that provider and define a consumer for each pact file in the directory. Consumer name is read from contents of pact file. ```xml pact-jvm-provider-maven_2.11 2.1.9 provider1 http localhost 8080 / path/to/pacts ``` ## Enabling insecure SSL [version 2.2.8+] For providers that are running on SSL with self-signed certificates, you need to enable insecure SSL mode by setting `true` on the provider. ```xml pact-jvm-provider-maven_2.11 2.2.8 provider1 path/to/pacts true ``` ## Specifying a custom trust store [version 2.2.8+] For environments that are running their own certificate chains: ```xml pact-jvm-provider-maven_2.11 2.2.8 provider1
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<dependency org="" name="pact-jvm-provider-maven_2.11" rev="2.3.3" />
@Grapes(@Grab(group='', module='pact-jvm-provider-maven_2.11', version='2.3.3'))
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libraryDependencies += "" % "pact-jvm-provider-maven_2.11" % "2.3.3"
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