Group / Artifact / Version / pact-jvm-provider-sbt_2.10_0.13 / 2.1.6
DescriptionPact sbt plugin =============== The sbt plugin adds an sbt task for running all provider pacts against a running server. To use the pact sbt plugin, add the following to your project/plugins.sbt addSbtPlugin("" %% "pact-jvm-provider-sbt" % "2.1.0") and the following to your build.sbt PactJvmPlugin.pactSettings The new task added is verifyPacts Two new keys are added to configure this task: pactConfig is the location of your pact-config json file (defaults to "pact-config.json" in the classpath root) pactRoot is the root folder of your pact json files (defaults to "pacts"), all .json files in root and sub folders will be executed
Last modified2014-11-24 08:13:52 UTC
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<dependency org="" name="pact-jvm-provider-sbt_2.10_0.13" rev="2.1.6" />
@Grapes(@Grab(group='', module='pact-jvm-provider-sbt_2.10_0.13', version='2.1.6'))
compile ''
libraryDependencies += "" % "pact-jvm-provider-sbt_2.10_0.13" % "2.1.6"
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