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Description# Pact Spring/JUnit runner ## Overview Library provides ability to play contract tests against a provider using Spring & JUnit. This library is based on and references the JUnit package, so see [junit provider support](pact-jvm-provider-junit) for more details regarding configuration using JUnit. Supports: - Standard ways to load pacts from folders and broker - Easy way to change assertion strategy - Spring Test MockMVC Controllers and ControllerAdvice using MockMvc standalonesetup. - MockMvc debugger output - Multiple @State runs to test a particular Provider State multiple times - **** custom annotation - before each interaction that requires a state change, all methods annotated by `@State` with appropriate the state listed will be invoked. ## Example of MockMvc test ```java @RunWith(RestPactRunner.class) // Custom pact runner, child of PactRunner which runs only REST tests @Provider("myAwesomeService") // Set up name of tested provider @PactFolder("pacts") // Point where to find pacts (See also section Pacts source in documentation) public class ContractTest { //Create an instance of your controller. We cannot autowire this as we're not using (and don't want to use) a Spring test runner. @InjectMocks private AwesomeController awesomeController = new AwesomeController(); //Mock your service logic class. We'll use this to create scenarios for respective provider states. @Mock private AwesomeBusinessLogic awesomeBusinessLogic; //Create an instance of your controller advice (if you have one). This will be passed to the MockMvcTarget constructor to be wired up with MockMvc. @InjectMocks private AwesomeControllerAdvice awesomeControllerAdvice = new AwesomeControllerAdvice(); //Create a new instance of the MockMvcTarget and annotate it as the TestTarget for PactRunner @TestTarget public final MockMvcTarget target = new MockMvcTarget(); @Before //Method will be run before each test of interaction public void before() { //initialize your mocks using your mocking framework MockitoAnnotations.initMocks(this); //configure the MockMvcTarget with your controller and controller advice target.setControllers(awesomeController); target.setControllerAdvice(awesomeControllerAdvice); } @State("default", "no-data") // Method will be run before testing interactions that require "default" or "no-data" state public void toDefaultState() { target.setRunTimes(3); //let's loop through this state a few times for a 3 data variants when(awesomeBusinessLogic.getById(any(UUID.class))) .thenReturn(myTestHelper.generateRandomReturnData(UUID.randomUUID(), ExampleEnum.ONE)) .thenReturn(myTestHelper.generateRandomReturnData(UUID.randomUUID(), ExampleEnum.TWO)) .thenReturn(myTestHelper.generateRandomReturnData(UUID.randomUUID(), ExampleEnum.THREE)); } @State("error-case") public void SingleUploadExistsState_Success() { target.setRunTimes(1); //tell the runner to only loop one time for this state //you might want to throw exceptions to be picked off by your controller advice when(awesomeBusinessLogic.getById(any(UUID.class))) .then(i -> { throw new NotCoolException(i.getArgumentAt(0, UUID.class).toString()); }); } } ```
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