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smart-query-builder-repository 1.0.0-RELEASE 
A light weight sql query builder that lets you build queries in a builder pattern style.
1 0 2017-06-24 21:35:41 UTC
smart-data-repository 4.0.9-RELEASE  4.0.7-RELEASE  4.0.6-RELEASE  4.0.5-RELEASE  4.0.4-RELEASE  4.0.3-RELEASE  4.0.2-RELEASE  4.0.14-RELEASE  4.0.13-RELEASE  4.0.12-RELEASE  4.0.11-RELEASE  4.0.10-RELEASE  4.0.1-RELEASE  4.0.0-RELEASE  1.0.0-RELEASE 
Light-weight Query builder that auto builds queries for you to speed up development process.
15 0 2017-06-22 11:26:22 UTC
simple-jdbc-data-repository 3.2.4-RELEASE  3.2.1-RELEASE  3.2.0-RELEASE  3.1.8-RELEASE  3.1.5-RELEASE  3.1.2-RELEASE  3.1.1-RELEASE  3.1.0-RELEASE  3.0.4-RELEASE  3.0.3-RELEASE  3.0.2-RELEASE  3.0.1-RELEASE  3.0.0-RELEASE  2.5.7-RELEASE  2.5.6-RELEASE  2.5.5-RELEASE  2.5.3-RELEASE  2.5.2-RELEASE  2.5.0-RELEASE  2.4.3-RELEASE  2.4.2-RELEASE  2.4.1-RELEASE  2.4.0-RELEASE  2.3.0-RELEASE  2.2.1-RELEASE  2.2.0-RELEASE  2.1.0-RELEASE  2.0.5-RELEASE  2.0.0-RELEASE  1.2.0-RELEASE 
A simple JPA like framework that simplifies database interactions when dealing with jdbc operations
30 0 2017-05-30 12:29:36 UTC