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mssql-jdbc 6.3.3.jre8-preview  6.3.3.jre7-preview  6.3.2.jre8-preview  6.3.2.jre7-preview  6.3.1.jre8-preview-v2  6.3.1.jre8-preview  6.3.1.jre7-preview-v2  6.3.1.jre7-preview  6.3.0.jre8-preview  6.3.0.jre7-preview  6.2.2.jre8  6.2.2.jre7  6.2.1.jre8  6.2.1.jre7  6.2.0.jre8  6.2.0.jre7  6.1.7.jre8-preview  6.1.7.jre7-preview  6.1.6.jre8-preview  6.1.6.jre7-preview  6.1.5.jre8-preview  6.1.5.jre7-preview  6.1.4.jre8-preview  6.1.4.jre7-preview  6.1.3.jre8-preview  6.1.3.jre7-preview  6.1.2.jre8-preview  6.1.2.jre7-preview  6.1.0.jre8  6.1.0.jre7 
Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server
Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server. The Azure Key Vault feature in Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server depends on Azure SDK for JAVA and Azure Active Directory Library For Java.
30 0 2017-10-03 21:42:58 UTC