Group / Artifact / Version com.surelogic / promises / 4.3.0
NameSureLogic Promise Annotations
DescriptionProvides the annotations necessary to express models of programmer design intent in Java code. Promises are supra-linguistic formal annotations to programs. Each promise has a precise meaning and constrains the implementation and evolution of the code it targets. Promises are also (typically) modular, meaning that the implementation constraint on the code of a promise is limited in scope.
Last modified2012-06-06 19:36:23 UTC
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<dependency org="com.surelogic" name="promises" rev="4.3.0" />
@Grapes(@Grab(group='com.surelogic', module='promises', version='4.3.0'))
compile 'com.surelogic:promises:4.3.0'
libraryDependencies += "com.surelogic" % "promises" % "4.3.0"
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