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The code consists of example POJOs which should be usable inside a JMS container. i.e. there are no API dependencies on the container whatnosever. Its pretty easy to write useful Message POJOs without any API dependencies whatsoever. There's also a couple of helper classes you can use to provide some JMS helper methods.

Artifact Version Name Latest uploaded at
1.1.3 Jencks 2006-03-08 01:31:33 UTC
1.1.2 Jencks 2005-12-20 16:19:37 UTC
1.1.1 Jencks 2005-12-20 16:19:37 UTC
1.1 Jencks 2005-10-04 16:05:30 UTC
1.0 Jencks 2005-09-21 08:06:41 UTC
1.0-M1 Jencks 2005-08-17 16:04:47 UTC