Group / Artifact / Version / activeobjects-ant-task / 0.23.4-m01-AO-521
NameActive Objects - Ant Task
DescriptionThis is the library containing the ant task to migrate an AO 'managed' database.
Last modified2014-05-22 00:53:03 UTC
Parent GAV / activeobjects-parent / 0.23.4-m01-AO-521
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<dependency org="" name="activeobjects-ant-task" rev="0.23.4-m01-AO-521" />
@Grapes(@Grab(group='', module='activeobjects-ant-task', version='0.23.4-m01-AO-521'))
compile ''
libraryDependencies += "" % "activeobjects-ant-task" % "0.23.4-m01-AO-521"
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