Versions of artifact org.apache.velocity:velocity-tools


VelocityTools is an integrated collection of Velocity subprojects with the common goal of creating tools and infrastructure to speed and ease development of both web and non-web applications using the Velocity template engine.

Artifact Version Name Latest uploaded at
2.0 VelocityTools 2010-05-10 18:14:43 UTC
2.0-beta4 VelocityTools 2009-05-27 17:26:29 UTC
2.0-beta3 VelocityTools 2008-12-02 15:10:32 UTC
2.0-beta2 VelocityTools 2008-07-14 23:40:00 UTC
1.3 VelocityTools 2007-03-19 15:19:58 UTC