Group / Artifact / Version org.kohsuke / access-modifier-suppressions / 1.16
NameSuppression for Access Modifier annotations
DescriptionThis module allows you to enable suppressions for turning off warnings about Restricted APIs. !!!WARNING!!! Classes are marked as @Restricted for a reason and this module should not be used lightly! It implies that the author does not intend for them to be used outside their defined scope and as such they may be changed/modified/removed at any stage without warning. A simple upgrade of the dependency may break your module. Use at your own risk. You should try to not use @Restricted classes in the first place, but if you _must_ use them, this is a less-brutal approach than just disabling the access-modifier-checker entirely
Last modified2018-10-05 22:57:48 UTC
Parent GAV org.kohsuke / access-modifier / 1.16
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<dependency org="org.kohsuke" name="access-modifier-suppressions" rev="1.16" />
@Grapes(@Grab(group='org.kohsuke', module='access-modifier-suppressions', version='1.16'))
compile 'org.kohsuke:access-modifier-suppressions:1.16'
libraryDependencies += "org.kohsuke" % "access-modifier-suppressions" % "1.16"
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org.kohsuke access-modifier-checker 1.16