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maven-turbine-plugin 20040825.214656  20040825.211642  1.3  1.2-rc1  1.2 
Maven Environment for Turbine Applications Plugin
The Maven Environment for Turbine Applications (M.E.T.A.) is a replacement for the Turbine Development Kit. It is based on Maven and contains a well defined setup for starting new Turbine applications.
5 0 2006-11-06 01:10:05 UTC
turbine 3.0-alpha-1.20020912.045138  2.4-M1  2.3.3-RC1  2.3.3  2.3.2  2.3.1-rc2  2.3.1-rc1  2.3.1  2.3-rc1  2.3  2.2b1  2.2-rc1  2.2-b1  2.2  2.1 
Turbine is a servlet based framework that allows experienced Java developers to quickly build secure web applications. Parts of Turbine can also be used independently of the web portion of Turbine as well. In other words, we strive to ...
15 0 2008-12-11 02:14:22 UTC