List of maven plugins

Group Artifact Versions Description
at.makubi.maven.plugin avrohugger-maven-plugin_2.11 1.3 
Avrohugger Maven Plugin
Maven plugin for generating Scala case classes and ADTs from Apache Avro schemas, datafiles, and protocols xml-format-maven-plugin 3.0.5 
XML Format Maven Plugin
Automatically formats XML files in a project. boxdb-maven-plugin 2.0  1.10 
Boxed Database Maven Plugin
Maven plugin to start databases using Docker and VMs
biz.aQute.bnd bnd-baseline-maven-plugin 3.4.0 
This maven plugin is used to make OSGi indexes from lists of maven dependencies.
biz.aQute.bnd bnd-export-maven-plugin 3.4.0 
Resolve and Export OSGi applications.
biz.aQute.bnd bnd-indexer-maven-plugin 3.4.0 
This maven plugin is used to make OSGi indexes from lists of maven dependencies.
biz.aQute.bnd bnd-maven-plugin 3.4.0 
This maven plugin is used to build OSGi bundles using the bnd tool for generating MANIFEST.MF and other OSGi-specific artifacts.
biz.aQute.bnd bnd-resolver-maven-plugin 3.4.0 
Resolves the -runbundles for an OSGi bndrun file
biz.aQute.bnd bnd-testing-maven-plugin 3.4.0 
Run the tests from an OSGi bndrun file
biz.gabrys.maven.plugins css-splitter-maven-plugin 1.2.2 
CSS Splitter Maven Plugin
Splits CSS stylesheets to smaller files ("parts") which contain maximum X rules. Anteros-Generator-Maven-Plugin 1.0.9 
Anteros Generator Maven Plugin
The plugin maven of Anteros. Anteros-RestDoc-Maven-Plugin 1.0.3 
Anteros Rest Documentation Maven Plugin
The plugin maven of Anteros.
cat.inspiracio orange-maven-plugin 0.0.2 
Orange Servlet Maven Plugin
Orange-maven-plugin builds template files for use with orange-servlet. Orange Servlet provides HTML templating with server-side Java.
ch.digitalfondue.jscover jscoverproxy-maven-plugin 2.0.2  2.0.1 
jscoverproxy-maven-plugin Maven Plugin
ch.ifocusit.livingdoc livingdoc-maven-plugin 1.2  1.1  1.0 
Living Documentation maven plugin
Plugin maven to generate a living documentation from Java project
ch.rasc embeddedtc-maven-plugin 1.22 
Embedded Tomcat Maven Plugin
Maven plugin that embedds war files and a Tomcat 7 into one executable jar
co.luminositylabs.oss.maven.plugins embedded-payara-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
Maven Embedded Payara Plugin
Maven Embedded Payara Plugin
co.luminositylabs.oss.maven.plugins payara-micro-maven-plugin 0.0.1 
Payara Micro Maven Plugin
Payara Micro Maven Plugin that incorporates payara-micro with the produced artifact
com.adeptj adeptj-maven-plugin 1.0.1.Final  1.0.0.Final 
AdeptJ Maven Plugin for Supporting Bundle Development
AdeptJ Maven Plugin for Supporting Bundle Development
com.aerse.maven apt-maven-plugin 1.8 
deploy to apt
Deploy .deb artifacts into apt-repository. apt-repository is configured by "distribution" section in pom.xml. If there is no apt-repository, it will be created.
com.aerse.maven deb-maven-plugin 1.2 
.deb packages
Plugin to generate .deb packages
com.akathist.maven.plugins.launch4j launch4j-maven-plugin 1.7.19  1.7.18 
Maven Launch4j Plugin
This plugin creates Windows executables from Java jar files using the Launch4j utility.
com.alexecollins.docker docker-maven-plugin 2.11.24 
Docker Maven Plugin
A plug-in for starting and stopping Docker containers.
com.amashchenko.maven.plugin gitflow-maven-plugin 1.6.0 
The Git-Flow Maven Plugin supports various Git workflows, including Vincent Driessen's successful Git branching model and GitHub Flow. This plugin runs Git and Maven commands from the command line. Supports Eclipse Plugins build with Tycho.
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-codegen-maven-plugin 1.11.172  1.11.171  1.11.170  1.11.169  1.11.168  1.11.167  1.11.166  1.11.165  1.11.164  1.11.163  1.11.162  1.11.161  1.11.160  1.11.159  1.11.158  1.11.157  1.11.156  1.11.155  1.11.154  1.11.153  1.11.152  1.11.151  1.11.150  1.11.149  1.11.148  1.11.147  1.11.146  1.11.145  1.11.144  1.11.143  1.11.142  1.11.141  1.11.140  1.11.139  1.11.138  1.11.137  1.11.136  1.11.135  1.11.134  1.11.133  1.11.132  1.11.131  1.11.130  1.11.129  1.11.128 
AWS SDK for Java - Code Generator Maven Plugin
The AWS SDK for Java - Code Generator Maven Plugin module holds a mojo to generate the AWS Java SDK clients for AWS services.
com.ancientlightstudios simplegen-maven-plugin 1.0.7 
SimpleGen - Maven Plugin
SimpleGen is a simple code generator. This is the maven plugin which allows you to use SimpleGen with Maven.
com.anton-johansson build-markdown-generator-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
Anton Johansson :: Build Markdown Generator :: Maven Plugin
Initiates the generation of markdown through a Maven goal.
com.appdynamics appdynamics-maven-plugin 
AppDynamics Instrumentation Android Maven Plugin
Real user monitoring for your Android app.
com.bekioui.maven.plugin merge-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
Merge Maven Plugin
Merge files into one file
com.blackducksoftware.integration hub-maven-plugin 2.0.2  2.0.1