List of maven plugins

Group Artifact Versions Description
org.apache.activemq.tooling activemq-maven-plugin 5.15.0 
ActiveMQ :: StartUp/Stop Plugin
org.apache.activemq.tooling activemq-memtest-maven-plugin 5.15.0 
ActiveMQ :: Memory Usage Test Plugin
org.apache.activemq.tooling activemq-perf-maven-plugin 5.15.0 
ActiveMQ :: Performance Test Plugin
com.github.alvinqq addversion-maven-plugin 1.0.3  1.0.2  1.0.1-beta  1.0.1 
static file url add version Maven Plugin
Because the browser cache, in the web project development, the static files can not be effective, so every time the version, are required to manually change the reference path for a static file view file, the Maven plugin can compile in the ...
com.adeptj adeptj-maven-plugin 1.0.1.Final  1.0.0.Final 
AdeptJ Maven Plugin for Supporting Bundle Development
AdeptJ Maven Plugin for Supporting Bundle Development
com.marvinformatics adt-maven-plugin 1.1  1.0 
Adobe AIR Development tools Maven plugin
Some time ago, Adobe released AIR for mobile devices. There was a question: how to package AIR-application automatically? Flexmojos allows you to build only *.air packages, so I have created the plugin which could work with platform dependent AIR ...
org.metaeffekt.core ae-api-compile-maven-plugin 0.3.0  0.2.0 
org.metaeffekt.core ae-api-publish-maven-plugin 0.3.0  0.2.0 
org.metaeffekt.core ae-artifact-publish-maven-plugin 0.3.0  0.2.0 
org.metaeffekt.dita ae-dita-maven-plugin 0.4.0  0.3.0 
org.metaeffekt.dita ae-dita-maven-plugins 0.4.0  0.3.0 
org.metaeffekt.core ae-inventory-maven-plugin 0.3.0  0.2.0 
org.metaeffekt.core ae-version-maven-plugin 0.3.0  0.2.0 
com.cognifide.aet aet-maven-plugin 2.1.2  2.1.1  2.1.0 
AET :: Client :: Maven Plugin
One of AET clients - AET Maven Plugin. It is used to execute AET tests agent-maven-plugin 5.14.0 
New Relic Android Agent Maven Plugin
The New Relic Maven plugin-ininstruments classes for Android applications
org.alfresco.maven.plugin alfresco-maven-plugin 3.0.1 
Alfresco Maven Plugin allure-maven-plugin 2.6 
Allure Maven Plugin
com.github.veithen.alta alta-maven-plugin 0.6.1  0.6 
Alta Maven Plugin
Maven plugin that takes as input a set of artifacts specified as a subset of the project dependencies or as an explicit list of artifacts and produces a set of outputs with information about these artifacts.
com.simpligility.maven.plugins android-maven-plugin 4.5.0 
Android Maven Plugin - android-maven-plugin
Maven Plugin for Android Development Anteros-Generator-Maven-Plugin 1.0.9 
Anteros Generator Maven Plugin
The plugin maven of Anteros. Anteros-RestDoc-Maven-Plugin 1.0.3 
Anteros Rest Documentation Maven Plugin
The plugin maven of Anteros.
com.khubla.antlr antlr4test-maven-plugin 1.9 Antlr4 test mojo
antlr4test-maven-plugin is a maven mojo for testing Antlr4 grammars apacheds-installers-maven-plugin 2.0.0-M24 
ApacheDS Installers Maven Plugin
A plugin that builds ApacheDS installers apitools-java-generator-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
Java generator for api data
com.appdynamics appdynamics-maven-plugin 
AppDynamics Instrumentation Android Maven Plugin
Real user monitoring for your Android app. appengine-maven-plugin 1.9.54 
A Maven Plugin for running and deploying appengine applications
The App Engine maven plugin which can be used to interact with both the development server and the remote runtime.
net.oneandone.maven.plugins application 1.6.2 
Maven Application Plugin
Generates an application file. An application file is a single executable file containing your entire application, it's all you need to distribute or run the application. Technically, an application file is a Bash shell script with an appe...
org.appng.maven appng-appngizer-maven-plugin 1.14.4  1.14.1 
appNG appNGizer Maven Plugin
com.aerse.maven apt-maven-plugin 1.8 
deploy to apt
Deploy .deb artifacts into apt-repository. apt-repository is configured by "distribution" section in pom.xml. If there is no apt-repository, it will be created.
org.apache.activemq artemis-maven-plugin 2.2.0 
ActiveMQ Artemis Maven Plugin