List of maven plugins

Group Artifact Versions Description
statcvs maven-statcvs-plugin 3.0  2.7  2.6  2.5  2.4  2.3 
Maven 2 StatCvs Plugin
A Maven 2 plugin to generate statistics about CVS usage using StatCvs-XML.
tk.skuro plan-maven-plugin 1.2  1.1  1.0 
Maven plugin to analyse the execution plan
Sonatype helps open source projects to set up Maven repositories on
top.marchand.xml xslDoc-maven-plugin 0.9  0.8  0.7  0.6  0.5  0.4  0.3  0.2  0.10  0.1 
A maven plugin that generates XSL documentation
top.marchand.xml xquerydoc-maven-plugin 0.1 
A maven plugin that generates XQuery documentation
top.marchand.xml.maven catalogBuilder-maven-plugin 1.0.4-RC4  1.0.4-RC3  1.0.4-RC2  1.0.4-RC1  1.0.4  1.0.3  1.0.2 
catalogBuilder-maven-plugin Maven Mojo
This plugin generates a OASIS catalog, which redirects all <artifactId>: URLs to appropriate jar
torque maven-torque-plugin 3.3-RC3  3.3-RC2  3.3-RC1  3.3  3.2-rc3  3.2-rc2  3.2-rc1  3.2  3.1.1-rc3  3.1.1-rc2  3.1.1-rc1  3.1.1 
Maven Torque Plug-in
Maven Plugin for Torque
turbine maven-turbine-plugin 20040825.214656  20040825.211642  1.3  1.2-rc1  1.2 
Maven Environment for Turbine Applications Plugin
The Maven Environment for Turbine Applications (M.E.T.A.) is a replacement for the Turbine Development Kit. It is based on Maven and contains a well defined setup for starting new Turbine applications.
tv.bodil maven-testlol-plugin 1.4  1.3  1.2.2 
Testlol is a Maven plugin for running Javascript unit tests in a headless browser environment. It is built on Rhino, Env.js and JsUnit.
ua.pp.msk.maven dependency-publish-maven-plugin 0.8 
Dependency publish maven pluing
Simple maven plugin to populate artifact storage with a dependency artifacts of current project
uk.camsw.smc smc-maven-plugin 6.4.0 
State Machine Compiler (SMC) Maven Plugin jmeter-lightning-maven-plugin 1.2.0  1.1.0  1.0.0  0.1.1  0.1.0 
Maven plugin encapsulating Lightning functionality wiremock-maven-plugin 2.0.0  1.0.0 
WireMock Maven Plugin thrift-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
Maven Thrift Plugin
Maven Thrift Plugin that executes the thrift code generator codera-test-reporting-maven-plugin 0.0.8  0.0.7  0.0.6  0.0.5  0.0.4  0.0.3  Codera Test Reporting Maven Plugin redlinerpm-maven-plugin 2.4  2.3  2.2  2.1  2.0  1.1  1.0 
maven-redlinerpm-plugin Maven Mojo based RPM Maven packaging plugin composer-maven-plugin 1.1  1.0 
Maven composer plugin
Composer Maven dependency management plugin mvel-maven-plugin 1.0 
MVEL templating Maven Mojo
MVEL templating Maven plugin react-jsxtransformer-maven-plugin 1.0.1  1.0 
React JSX Transformer Maven Mojo
React JSX Transformer Maven plugin wiremock-maven-plugin 2.3.0  2.2.0  2.1.0 
WireMock Maven Plugin jmeter-lightning-maven-plugin 1.4.0  1.3.0 
Maven plugin encapsulating Lightning functionality fitnesse-launcher-maven-plugin 1.4.2  1.4.1  1.4.0  1.3.0  1.2.2  1.2.1  1.2.0  1.1.0  1.0.0 
FitNesse Launcher Maven Plugin
Provides ability to launch FitNesse as a wiki server, or automatically run FitNesse tests as part of a standard integration-test / verify build. Allows configuration of FitNesse's classpath through plugin dependencies, and inje... maven-protomak-plugin 0.0.2.RELEASE  0.0.1.RELEASE 
This is the overall documentation for PROTOMAK maven-jemosProtoc-plugin 0.0.2.RELEASE  0.0.1.RELEASE 
Sonatype helps open source projects to set up Maven repositories on antlr4-maven-plugin 4.5.3-CUSTOM 
ANTLR 4 Maven plugin
Maven plugin for ANTLR 4 grammars maven-plugins 1.1 
Parent project for maven plugins. search-maven-plugin 1.1 
A plugin for querying the REST api at validate-maven-plugin 1.1 
Maven plugin for running pre-deploy validation steps. rest2java-maven-plugin 0.0.7  0.0.6  0.0.5  0.0.4  0.0.3  0.0.2 
rest2java Maven Mojo
A maven plugin to create java-based client-API implementations from restful specifications gemfury-maven-plugin 0.0.9  0.0.8  0.0.7  0.0.6  0.0.5  0.0.4  0.0.3  0.0.2  0.0.10  0.0.1 
Gemfury Maven Mojo
A maven plugin for publishing debian artifacts into a gemfury repository domain-generator-maven-plugin 2.0.0  1.1.0  1.0.0