List of maven plugins

Group Artifact Versions Description
com.github.jonasrutishauser.maven.plugin bpmn-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
BPMN Maven Plugin
Maven report which shows the projects BPMN, DMN and CMMN models
com.github.jrh3k5 l10n-maven-plugin 1.4  1.3.1  1.3  1.2  1.1  1.0 
l10n Maven Plugin
A plugin to provide reporting and build utilities surrounding localization.
com.github.jrh3k5 flume-agent-maven-plugin 3.0.1  2.1.1  2.1  2.0.1  2.0  1.2 
Flume Agent Maven Plugin
A Maven plugin to manage the lifecycle of a Flume agent
com.github.jrh3k5 flume-plugin-maven-plugin 1.1 
Flume Plugin Maven Plugin
A Maven plugin used to assemble Flume plugins into consumable archives.
com.github.justcoke properties-maven-plugin 1.1 
Maven plugin to generate classes with property-keys
com.github.K0zka contentgzip-maven-plugin 0.0.9 
Content Gzip Maven Plugin
Compresses the static web resource files with gzip.
com.github.K0zka maven-contentgzip-plugin 0.0.7 
Content Gzip Plugin
Compresses the static web resource files with gzip.
com.github.katari k2-maven-plugin 0.0.9  0.0.8  0.0.7  0.0.6  0.0.5  0.0.4  0.0.11  0.0.10 
K2 maven plugin
com.github.kburger rdf4j-generator-maven-plugin 0.2.0  0.1.0 
RDF4J generator maven plugin
Maven plugin to generate RDF4J style vocabulary classes.
com.github.keub remote-resources-maven-plugin 1.8  1.6  1.5  1.4  1.3  1.2  1.1  1.0 
Remote Resources Maven Plugin
Copy files from a remote location to a path relative to the project in which the plugin is configured.
com.github.klieber phantomjs-maven-plugin 0.7  0.6  0.5  0.4  0.3 
PhantomJS Maven Plugin
A plugin for downloading, installing, and executing phantomjs.
com.github.knightliao.plugin starter-shade-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
com.github.knightliao.plugin starter-assembly-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
com.github.kobusgrobler fileswitcher-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
FileSwitcher Maven Plugin
A Maven plugin to switch files between release and debug versions.
com.github.kongchen swagger-maven-plugin 3.1.5  3.1.4  3.1.3  3.1.2  3.1.1  3.0.0  2.3.4  2.3.3  2.3.2  2.3.1  2.3  2.2  2.1 
Swagger Maven Plugin
A maven build plugin which helps you generate API document during build phase
com.github.konum junitaward-maven-plugin 1.2  1.0 
JUnit Award
Maven plugin for count unit test developed by team members and promote unit testing in the team.
com.github.kospiotr bundler-maven-plugin 1.8  1.6 
Maven plugin for creating bundle package of js and css files in Maven project.
com.github.kugel-soft kugel-param-scanner-maven-plugin 1.1  1.0 
A maven plugin to scan the parameters of Kugel WEB-ERP.
com.github.kumako raml-jaxrs-maven-plugin 1.3.8 
RAML JAX-RS Maven Plug-in
com.github.libgraviton gdk-maven-plugin 0.4.1  0.4.0  0.3.4  0.3.3  0.3.2  0.3.1  0.3.0  0.2.2  0.2.1  0.2.0  0.1.0 
com.github.linkeer8802 api-resolver-maven-plugin 1.0 
com.github.linsolas casperjs-runner-maven-plugin 1.0.1 
CasperJS runner Maven plugin
Runs JavaScript and/or CoffeScript test files on CasperJS instance
com.github.ljbo82 jni-maven-plugin 0.1.0 
JNI Maven Plugin
Maven plugin which generate apropriate JNI headers for a project
com.github.loicoudot.java4cpp java4cpp-maven-plugin 1.0.7 
java4cpp-maven-plugin Maven Mojo
Maven plugin for java4cpp project
com.github.lonnyj webapp-minifier-maven-plugin 0.11.0 
Webapp Minifier Maven Plugin
This plugin minifies CSS and JavaScript either embedded in or reference by HTML files.
com.github.lsiu.maven.plugins websphere-maven-plugin 1.1.3  1.1.2 
Websphere Maven Plugin
Websphere Maven Plugin to create-ejb-stubs required for remote EJB calls to EJB on a Websphere server from a standalone client
com.github.lucapino confluence-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
Maven Confluence Plugin
Maven plugin for accessing Atlassian Confluence
com.github.lucapino dependency-maven-plugin 1.0.1  1.0.0 
Maven Dependency Plugin
Maven plugin for dealing with dependencies of project
com.github.lucapino jira-maven-plugin 1.0.1  1.0.0 
Maven Jira Plugin
Maven plugin for accessing Atlassian Jira
com.github.lucapino versions-list-maven-plugin 1.0.1  1.0.0 
Maven Version List Plugin
Maven plugin for retrieving the version list of an artifact