List of maven plugins

Group Artifact Versions Description
com.github.bohnman package-info-maven-plugin 1.0.1 
Package Info Maven Plugin
Maven plugin that automatically generates files based on a template.
com.github.bric3.maven cql-maven-plugin 0.4  0.2 
Simple CQL Maven Plugin
Simple Mojo that enable to execute CQL statement on cassandra
com.github.bric3.maven kafka-maven-plugin 0.6 
Simple Kafka Maven Plugin
Simple Mojo that enable to execute Topic creation on kafka
com.github.bringking requirejs-maven-plugin 2.0.4  2.0.3  2.0.2 
RequireJS Maven Plugin
Maven plugin for RequireJS optimization
com.github.cafaudit caf-audit-maven-plugin 3.2.0-83  3.1.0-50  3.0.0-33  2.0.0-6  This project provides an XML to Java transformation plugin.
com.github.caofangkun version-maven-plugin 1.0.2 
Generate Release Version Information for Maven Project
com.github.carlosvin.archetype lifecycle-maven-plugin-archetype 0.0.6  0.0.5 
Archetype for an example of custom Maven plugin overriding default lifecycle
com.github.casperjs casperjs-runner-maven-plugin 1.0.6  1.0.5  1.0.4  1.0.3 
CasperJS runner Maven plugin
Runs JavaScript and/or CoffeScript test files on CasperJS instance
com.github.ceilfors.maven.plugin enforcer-rules 1.0 
Additional custom rules for Maven Enforcer
com.github.ch3cho bundler-maven-plugin 1.12.2  1.12.1  1.12 
Maven plugin for creating bundle package of js and css files in Maven project.
com.github.charithe kafka-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
kafka-maven-plugin Maven Plugin
Maven plugin to spin-up a Kafka broker
com.github.chrischristo capsule-maven-plugin 1.2.0  1.1.2  1.1.1  1.1.0  1.0.5  1.0.4  1.0.3  1.0.2  1.0.1  1.0.0  0.9.1  0.9.0  0.8.1  0.10.8  0.10.7  0.10.6  0.10.5  0.10.4  0.10.3  0.10.2  0.10.1  0.10.0 
Capsule Maven Plugin
The maven plugin to build capsules of your jars.
com.github.chrisdchristo capsule-maven-plugin 1.5.1  1.5.0  1.4.3  1.4.2  1.4.1 
Capsule Maven Plugin
The maven plugin to build capsules of your jars.
com.github.chrisprice phonegap-build-maven-plugin 0.0.9  0.0.8  0.0.7  0.0.6  0.0.5  0.0.4  0.0.3  0.0.2  0.0.10  0.0.1 
PhoneGap Build Maven Plugin
A Maven Plugin which makes use of the API to turn WAR projects into binaries for mobile platforms.
com.github.christapley jenkins-dependency-maven-plugin 1.0.2  1.0.1  1.0.0 
A maven plugin to parse and unpack dependencies from the archived artifacts from a jenkins job
com.github.christapley windows-symbol-store-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
A maven plugin to wrap general symstore.exe commands
com.github.christokios capsule-maven-plugin 0.8.0  0.7.1 
Capsule Maven Plugin
The maven plugin to build capsules of your jars.
com.github.cjnygard rest-maven-plugin 0.1.4  0.1.2 
The REST Request Maven Plugin is meant to provide an easy way to interface to REST services via the POST operation to send data files to the REST URL and retrieve (and store) the results.
com.github.Cka3o4Huk jmeter-graph-maven-plugin 0.1.1 
JMeter Graphs Maven Plugin
A plugin to include the functionality of JMeterPluginsCMD Command Line Tool to create nice graphs from jmeter result files.
com.github.code2358 jcdk-maven-plugin 0.1.0  0.0.1 
Java Card SDK Maven Plugin
A plugin for Maven to package Java Card artifacts
com.github.codeframes hal-tooling-api-doc-html-maven-plugin 1.2.0-alpha-1 
HAL Tooling API Doc HTML Maven Plugin
HAL Tooling API Doc HTML Maven Plugin
com.github.codeframes hal-tooling-api-doc-maven-plugin 1.2.0-alpha-1 
HAL Tooling API Doc Maven Plugin
HAL Tooling API Doc Maven Plugin
com.github.codeframes hal-tooling-api-doc-maven-plugin-api 1.2.0-alpha-1 
HAL Tooling API Doc Maven Plugin API
HAL Tooling API Doc Maven Plugin API
com.github.codeframes hal-tooling-maven-plugin-commons 1.2.0-alpha-1 
HAL Tooling Maven Plugin Commons
HAL Tooling Maven Plugin Commons
com.github.coderepositories maven-plugins 1.0.v201602292337  1.0 
My Java Commons Plugins - Maven Plugins
com.github.coderepositories mbg-maven-plugin 1.0.v201602292337  1.0 
mbg-maven-plugin Maven Plugin
com.github.connollyst jolt-maven-plugin 
Jolt Maven Plugin
A Maven plugin to apply JSON to JSON transformations using the Jolt spec. Useful as part of a Maven build to transform JSON generated by one plugin to JSON consumable by another.
com.github.cradloff fit-maven-plugin 3.0 
Fit Maven Plugin
A Maven Plugin to execute Fit tests
com.github.crazyfrozenpenguin jasminejvm-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
Run Jasmine headless tests from Maven
com.github.crisposs jabsc-maven-plugin 0.2.0  0.1.0 
Maven Plugin for ABS to Java Compiler (jabsc)
Maven Plugin for ABS to Java Compiler (jabsc)