List of maven plugins

Group Artifact Versions Description
org.springframework.boot.experimental spring-boot-thin-maven-plugin 1.0.6.RELEASE  1.0.5.RELEASE  1.0.4.RELEASE  1.0.3.RELEASE 
Spring Boot Thin Maven
Bootstrap wrapper for launching a thin Boot jar spring-cloud-contract-maven-plugin 1.1.2.RELEASE  1.1.1.RELEASE 
Spring Cloud Contract Maven Plugin
Spring Cloud Contract Maven Plugin
org.srcdeps.mvn srcdeps-maven-plugin 3.1.0 
Srcdeps Maven Plugin
org.teavm teavm-maven-plugin 0.5.1  0.5.0 
TeaVM maven plugin
A set of mojos that allow to include TeaVM compiler into maven build process
org.terrameta plasma-maven-plugin 1.2.9  1.2.8 
Plasma Maven Plugins
The Plasma Maven Plugins Module
org.testifyproject.maven shade-plugin-extentions 0.9.7  0.9.6 
A module that contains maven shade plugin extentions
org.web3j web3j-maven-plugin 0.1.2  0.1.1 
web3j Maven Mojo
Mojo's web3j Maven plugin is used to create java classes based on the solidity contract files.
org.whitesource whitesource-maven-plugin 3.3.0  3.2.9  3.2.8  3.2.7  3.2.6 
White Source maven plugin
org.wildfly.maven.plugins licenses-plugin 1.0.1  1.0.0 
Licenses plugin
Maven plugin that fills in versions of artifacts listed in licenses.xml
org.wildfly.maven.plugins maven-plugins 1.0.1  1.0.0 
WildFly plugins
Aggregate of all wildfly util plugins
org.wildfly.maven.plugins plugin-parent 1.0.1  1.0.0 
WildFly plugins parent
Parent for wildfly maven plugins
org.wildfly.maven.plugins quickstart-documentation-plugin 1.0.1  1.0.0 
Quickstarts documentation plugin
Maven plugin that generates quickstarts documentation
org.wildfly.plugins wildfly-maven-plugin 1.2.0.Alpha6  1.2.0.Alpha5 
WildFly Maven Plugin
A maven plugin that allows various management operations to be executed on WildFly Application Server.
org.wildfly.plugins wildfly-maven-plugin-parent 1.2.0.Alpha6  1.2.0.Alpha5 
WildFly Maven Plugin - Parent
A maven plugin that allows various management operations to be executed on WildFly Application Server.
org.yuanheng.cookcc cookcc-maven-plugin 1.0 
CookCC Maven Plugin
org.zanata zanata-maven-plugin 4.2.1  4.2.0-rc-5  4.2.0-rc-4  4.2.0-rc-3  4.2.0 
Zanata Maven Plugin
Zanata client for managing projects, publishing source text and retrieving translations.
ru.lanwen.raml rarc-maven-plugin 1.3.0 
Maven plugin for RARC project allure-maven-plugin 2.6 
Allure Maven Plugin
se.bjurr.gitchangelog git-changelog-maven-plugin 1.49  1.48  1.47  1.46  1.45 
Maven plugin that can generate a changelog from git repo.
se.bjurr.violations violation-comments-to-github-maven-plugin 1.25 
Maven plugin that comments GitHub with results from static code analysis.
se.tedro.maven.plugins reproto-maven-plugin 0.0.1 
Maven Plugin for ReProto codegen-maven-plugin 2.0.0-preview-2  2.0.0-preview-1 
AWS Java SDK :: Code Generator Maven Plugin
The AWS SDK for Java - Code Generator Maven Plugin module holds a mojo to generate the AWS Java SDK clients for AWS services.
software.hoegg.mule mule-bundle-maven-plugin 1.1.0  1.0.0 
Mule Application Bundle Maven Plugin
Builds a Mule application by bundling other Mule applications domain-generator-maven-plugin 2.0.0  1.1.0  1.0.0 grafana-dashboard-maven-plugin 2.0.0 
us.fatehi schemacrawler-maven-plugin 14.16.03  14.16.02 
SchemaCrawler Report - Maven Plugin