List of maven plugins

Group Artifact Versions Description
com.github.gino0631 pac-maven-plugin 1.0 
PAC Maven Plugin
com.github.gino0631 pkg-maven-plugin 1.1  1.0 
PKG Maven Plugin
com.github.github site-maven-plugin 0.9  0.8  0.7  0.12  0.11  0.10 
GitHub Site Maven Plugin
Maven plugin that commits files to a branch in a GitHub repository
com.github.github github-maven-plugins-parent 0.9  0.12  0.11  0.10 
GitHub Maven Plugins
GitHub Maven plugins
com.github.github downloads-maven-plugin 0.6 
GitHub Downloads Maven Plugin
Maven plugin that uploads built artifacts to be available as downloads from a GitHub repository
com.github.goldin about-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin assert-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin copy-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin find-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin ivy-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin jenkins-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin mail-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin properties-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin spring-batch-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin sshexec-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin timestamp-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.gtxtreme21 passfailreport-maven-plugin 1.3  1.1  1.0 
Jmeter PassFailReport
A plugin that builds a simple report by reading Jmeter jtl result files with Maven.
com.github.guru107 flinkjobupload-maven-plugin 1.1  1.0 
Apache Flink Job Upload Plugin
This plugin can be used to automate job upload to flink cluster by specifying flink job upload configuration in the configuration
com.github.harti2006 neo4j-server-maven-plugin 0.1 
Neo4j Server Maven Plugin
Start and stop any version of Neo4j community server
com.github.havardh javaflow-maven-plugin 1.1.0 
Javaflow Maven Plugin
Maven plugin for running JavaFlow
com.github.hazendaz.maven makeself-maven-plugin 1.0.0.beta3  1.0.0.beta2  1.0.0.beta1  1.0.0-beta4 
Makeself Maven plugin
Makeself is a self-extracting archiving tool for Unix systems, in 100% shell script.
com.github.hazendaz.spotbugs spotbugs-maven-plugin 3.1.0-RC4  3.0.6  3.0.5 
SpotBugs Maven Plugin
This Plug-In generates reports based on the SpotBugs Library
com.github.hcguersoy nexus-maven-plugin 0.3.1 
maven-nexus-plugin Maven Mojo
com.github.helpermethod membrane-maven-plugin 0.0.1 
A Maven plugin for the Membrane Service Proxy.
com.github.hermod hermod-generator-maven-plugin 0.0.4  0.0.3  0.0.2  0.0.1 
com.github.hilcode teng-maven-plugin 0.2 
Teng Maven Plugin
A Maven plugin for Teng.
com.github.houbb gen-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
Generate Junit4 test code, comment, doc
com.github.htfv.maven.plugins build-configurator 1.1.0.CR1  1.0.0.Beta1  1.0.0 
Build Configurator
com.github.htfv.maven.plugins build-configurator-build 1.1.0.CR1  1.0.0.Beta1  1.0.0 
Build Configurator Build Configuration
com.github.htfv.maven.plugins build-configurator-core 1.1.0.CR1  1.0.0.Beta1  1.0.0 
Build Configurator Core