List of maven plugins

Group Artifact Versions Description
com.github.exampledriven hierarchy-maven-plugin 1.4 
Hierarchy maven plugin
This plugin displays the hierarchy of parent poms and imported poms
com.github.fedyafed consul-vault-maven-plugin  0.0.2  0.0.1 
Consul-Vault Maven Plugin
Get properties for Maven project from Consul K/V and Vault secret store.
com.github.ferstl depgraph-maven-plugin 3.0.1  3.0.0  2.2.1  2.2.0  2.1.0  2.0.1  2.0.0  1.0.4  1.0.3  1.0.2  1.0.1  1.0.0 
Depgraph Maven Plugin
This Maven plugin generates dependency graphs on single modules or in an aggregated form on multi-module projects. The graphs are represented by .dot files. In case that Graphviz is installed on the machine where this plugin is run, the .d...
com.github.ferstl jitwatch-jarscan-maven-plugin 1.1  1.0.1  1.0.0 
JITWatch JarScan Maven Plugin
A Maven plugin that scans the project artifact and its dependencies for methods that cannot be inlined by the JIT compiler. It uses the JarScan utility from the JITWatch project to do that. See .
com.github.fracpete maven-dependency-list-plugin 0.0.2  0.0.1 
Apache Maven Dependency List Plugin
Simplified version of the maven-dependency-plugin (version 2.10), only outputting a simple list of dependencies.
com.github.fracpete latex-maven-plugin 1.4.4  1.4.3  1.4.2  1.4.1  1.4.0 
LaTeX Maven Plugin
The LaTeX Maven Plugin is useful for building a set of LaTeX documents.
com.github.freegeese autocode-maven-plugin 1.1  1.0 
auto generate code plugin
com.github.frtu.governance influxdb-maven-plugin 0.2.0 
influxdb-maven-plugin Maven Plugin
A maven plugin to register metrics into InfluxDB.
com.github.frtu.governance maven-plugin-parent-pom 0.2.0 
Maven plugin parent pom
A parent pom for all Maven plugins
com.github.frtu.governance schema-registries-maven-plugin 0.2.0 
schema-registries-maven-plugin Maven Plugin
A maven plugin to register schemas into a Schema Registry.
com.github.genthaler ant-maven-plugin-archetype 1.2.3  1.2.2  1.2 
Maven Archetype Ant-based Maven Plugin
Maven Archetype to generate an Ant-based Maven Plugin
com.github.genthaler beanshell-maven-plugin-archetype 1.2.3  1.2.2  1.2 
Maven Archetype Beanshell-based Maven Plugin
Maven Archetype to generate an Beanshell-based Maven Plugin
com.github.genthaler credentials-maven-plugin 1.3  1.2  1.1  1.0 
Credentials Maven Plugin
Looks up credentials in settings.xml
com.github.genthaler beanshell-maven-plugin 1.4  1.2  1.1  1.0 
Beanshell Maven Plugin
Maven plugin to execute arbitrary BeanShell script
com.github.ggerla java2csharp-maven-plugin 1.0.1 
Development Tools :: Java to C# code coverter
com.github.gino0631 icns-maven-plugin 1.1  1.0 
ICNS Maven Plugin
com.github.gino0631 pac-maven-plugin 1.0 
PAC Maven Plugin
com.github.gino0631 pkg-maven-plugin 1.1  1.0 
PKG Maven Plugin
com.github.github site-maven-plugin 0.9  0.8  0.7  0.12  0.11  0.10 
GitHub Site Maven Plugin
Maven plugin that commits files to a branch in a GitHub repository
com.github.github github-maven-plugins-parent 0.9  0.12  0.11  0.10 
GitHub Maven Plugins
GitHub Maven plugins
com.github.github downloads-maven-plugin 0.6 
GitHub Downloads Maven Plugin
Maven plugin that uploads built artifacts to be available as downloads from a GitHub repository
com.github.goldin about-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin assert-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin copy-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin find-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin ivy-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin jenkins-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin mail-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin properties-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4 
com.github.goldin spring-batch-maven-plugin 0.2.5  0.2.4