List of maven plugins

Group Artifact Versions Description
com.bluetrainsoftware.maven bathe-plugin 2.5  2.4 
Maven Bathe plugin
Creates an artifact with the specified file extension (jar/war/etc) where the dependencies are unzipped inside at the specified offset.
com.btc-ag.redg redg-maven-plugin 1.1.0  1.0.18  1.0.17  1.0.16 
RedG Maven Plugin
The RedG Maven plugin for easy integration of the RedG Generator into a project.
com.buschmais.jqassistant jqassistant-maven-plugin 1.3.0 
jQAssistant Plugin for Apache Maven
jQAssistant plugin for Apache Maven to integrate jQAssistant into a Maven based project.
com.carrotsearch.randomizedtesting junit4-maven-plugin 2.5.2 
RandomizedTesting JUnit4 Maven Plugin
com.cedarsoft instrumentation-maven-plugin 8.3.1  8.3.0  8.2.1  8.2.0 
com.cedarsoft osgi-validator-maven-plugin 8.3.1  8.3.0  8.2.1  8.2.0  8.1.1 
com.cedricwalter git-branch-renamer-maven-plugin 1.5.0 
When working with many feature/release/bugix/hotfix branches, it is a bad idea to start changing the pom version as this will create merge conflicts using pull request. this plugin allow you to keep in ALL branches the same pom ver...
com.cedricwalter properties-sync-maven-plugin 1.0 
Apache maven plugin for failing fast at build time when using maven resources filtering with environment based filters. This maven plugin will force you to keep in sync all properties files with the reference.
com.checkmarx.maven checkmarx-maven-plugin 8.42.0 
Checkmarx Maven Plugin
Enables a maven project to integrate with Checkmarx SAST scan.
com.cognifide.aet aet-maven-plugin 2.1.2  2.1.1  2.1.0 
AET :: Client :: Maven Plugin
One of AET clients - AET Maven Plugin. It is used to execute AET tests
com.comoyo.commons emjar-maven-plugin 1.4.61 
emjar-maven-plugin -- for building executable embedded jar files
com.comoyo.maven.plugins protoc-bundled-plugin 1.4.61 
protoc-bundled-plugin -- Batteries included Maven Protobuf compiler Plugin
com.consol.citrus.mvn citrus-maven-plugin 2.7.2 
Citrus Maven Plugin
com.contrastsecurity contrast-maven-plugin 1.4 
Contrast Maven Plugin
Maven plugin to test for vulnerabilities when running integration tests for a Java application
com.coveo fmt-maven-plugin 1.8.0  1.7.0 
Maven Plugin that formats a project's Java Code following google-java-format
com.danidemi template-generator-maven-plugin 0.0.7 
Generates code and text content merging data from CSV files with a Velocity template.
com.datathings greycat-mavenplugin 9  8.4  8.3  8.2  8.1  8  10 
com.datathings j2ts-mavenplugin 92  91  90  89 
com.digitalbarista getdown-maven-plugin 0.3 
Getdown Maven Plugin
A maven plugin to help package products for the 'Getdown' installer / auto-updater tool.
com.e-gineering gitflow-helper-maven-plugin 1.7.2 
A Plugin and Build Extension that helps Maven play nice with the gitflow workflow.
com.ea.async ea-async-maven-plugin 1.0.6 
EA Async-Await Maven Plugin
Pre instruments class files to work with the async-await paradigm
com.elasticpath rest-viz-maven-plugin 0.1.0 
A Maven plugin for creating a graphical webapp for your Cortex resources
com.excelsiorjet excelsior-jet-maven-plugin 1.1.0 
Excelsior JET Maven Plugin
Excelsior JET Maven Plugin provides Maven users with an easy way to compile their applications down to optimized native Windows, OS X, or Linux executables with Excelsior JET.
com.facebook.mojo swift-maven-plugin 0.15.3 
The Maven swift plugin generates source code from Thrift IDL files. It is aimed at generating code for the swift framework of annotation based Java thrift classes but could be used with any programming language by adding code generatio...
com.facebook.presto presto-maven-plugin 0.2 
Presto Maven Build Extension
The Presto Maven Plugin provides a packing and lifecycle for Presto plugins
com.fizzed rocker-maven-plugin 0.22.0  0.21.0 
com.fluxtion fluxtion-maven-plugin 1.0.6 
fluxtion :: maven plugin
A maven plugin integrating the fluxtion toolset with maven build cycle
com.github.alexcojocaru elasticsearch-maven-plugin 5.9  5.8 
Elasticsearch Maven Plugin
A Maven plugin to run a single node Elasticsearch cluster during the integration test phase of a build
com.github.alexmao86 jweb-maven-plugin 1.0.6 
maven plugins and mybatis generator plugins
com.github.alvinqq addversion-maven-plugin 1.0.3  1.0.2  1.0.1-beta  1.0.1 
static file url add version Maven Plugin
Because the browser cache, in the web project development, the static files can not be effective, so every time the version, are required to manually change the reference path for a static file view file, the Maven plugin can compile in the ...