List of maven plugins

Group Artifact Versions Description
com.github.ansell.rdf4j-schema-generator schema-generator-maven-plugin 0.4 
RDF4J Schema Generator :: Maven Plugin
com.github.axet versions-maven-plugin 0.0.53  0.0.51 
Versions Maven Plugin
Versions Plugin for Maven. The Versions Plugin updates the versions of components in the POM.
com.github.cafaudit caf-audit-maven-plugin 3.2.0-83  3.1.0-50  This project provides an XML to Java transformation plugin.
com.github.christapley jenkins-dependency-maven-plugin 1.0.1  1.0.0 
A maven plugin to parse and unpack dependencies from the archived artifacts from a jenkins job
com.github.danielflower.mavenplugins multi-module-maven-release-plugin 2.1.4 
The Multi Module Maven Release Plugin
A maven release plugin built for multi-maven-module git repositories allowing continuous deployment
com.github.davidmoten aws-maven-plugin 0.2.5 
com.github.davidmoten state-machine-maven-plugin 0.2 
com.github.eirslett frontend-maven-plugin 1.5 
Maven Frontend Plugin
This Maven plugin lets you install Node/NPM locally for your project, install dependencies with NPM, install dependencies with bower or jspm, run Grunt or gulp tasks, and/or run Karma tests.
com.github.eliayng compress-maven-plugin M1.0.1-releases  M1.0.0-releases  1.0.2  1.0.1  1.0.0 
配置监控信息,在web.xml中添加 <filter> <description>拦截获取js与css过滤</description> <filter-name>MergeFilter</filter-name> <filter-class>com.njzxw.filter.MergeFilter</filter-class> <init-param> <!-- js合并输出路径 --> <param-name>jsDir...
com.github.eomm dolm-maven-plugin 1.0.0 
DOLM (Document Lifecycle Management) start with an easy plugin for build PDF docs from any markdown .md files.
com.github.ferstl depgraph-maven-plugin 2.2.1 
Depgraph Maven Plugin
This Maven plugin generates dependency graphs on single modules or in an aggregated form on multi-module projects. The graphs are represented by .dot files. In case that Graphviz is installed on the machine where this plugin is run, the .d...
com.github.freegeese autocode-maven-plugin 1.1 
auto generate code plugin
com.github.gino0631 icns-maven-plugin 1.1  1.0 
ICNS Maven Plugin
com.github.gino0631 pac-maven-plugin 1.0 
PAC Maven Plugin
com.github.gino0631 pkg-maven-plugin 1.1  1.0 
PKG Maven Plugin
com.github.hazendaz.maven makeself-maven-plugin 1.0.0.beta1 
Makeself Maven plugin
Makeself is a self-extracting archiving tool for Unix systems, in 100% shell script.
com.github.hazendaz.spotbugs spotbugs-maven-plugin 3.1.0-RC4  3.0.6  3.0.5 
SpotBugs Maven Plugin
This Plug-In generates reports based on the SpotBugs Library
com.github.katari k2-maven-plugin 0.0.9  0.0.8  0.0.10 
K2 maven plugin
com.github.kongchen swagger-maven-plugin 3.1.5 
Swagger Maven Plugin
A maven build plugin which helps you generate API document during build phase
com.github.libgraviton gdk-maven-plugin 0.4.0 
com.github.marc-christian-schulze.structs4java structs4java-maven-plugin 1.0.25  1.0.24  1.0.23  1.0.21  1.0.20  1.0.19  1.0.18  1.0.17  1.0.16  1.0.15 
Structs4Java is a code generator based on C/C++ structures.
com.github.maven-nar nar-maven-plugin 3.5.2 
Native ARchive plugin for Maven
This plugin compiles native code and publishes native artifacts in the form of nar files.
com.github.mike10004 debian-maven-plugin 1.0.8 
Debian Maven Plugin
This plugin helps building DEB packages from Maven projects. The packages can be used in DEB-based operating systems such as Debian and Ubuntu. The plugin uses external Debian tools to do the actual packaging.
com.github.mkolisnyk cucumber-reporting-maven-plugin 1.0.9  1.0.11  1.0.10 
com.github.os72 protoc-jar-maven-plugin  3.3.0 
Protocol Buffers codegen plugin - based on protoc-jar executable JAR
com.github.phuonghuynh gitflow-maven-plugin 1.6.3  1.6.2  1.6.1 
The Git-Flow Maven Plugin supports various Git workflows, including Vincent Driessen's successful Git branching model and GitHub Flow. This plugin runs Git and Maven commands from the command line. Supports Eclipse Plugins build with Tycho.
com.github.pkoli xls2pojo-maven-plugin 1.0 
A maven plugin to generate java classes from content provided in Excel Sheet
com.github.ryanholdren.typesafesql maven-plugin 2017-07-09  2017-05-20 
TypeSafeSQL Maven Plugin
com.github.sdorra buildfrontend-maven-plugin 1.2.0 
Installs and run node, npm, bower, grunt, gulp and karma as part of your maven build.
com.github.sdorra nativepkg-maven-plugin 1.1.4 
Build rpm and deb packages in os independent manner.