List of maven plugins

Group Artifact Versions Description
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-plugin-plugin 3.5  3.4  3.3  3.2  3.1  3.0 
Maven Plugin Plugin
The Plugin Plugin is used to create a Maven plugin descriptor for any Mojo's found in the source tree, to include in the JAR. It is also used to generate Xdoc files for the Mojos as well as for updating the plugin registry, the artifact me...
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-release-plugin 2.5.3  2.5.2  2.5.1  2.5  2.4.2  2.4.1  2.4  2.3.2  2.3.1  2.3 
Maven Release Plugin
This plugin is used to release a project with Maven, saving a lot of repetitive, manual work.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-resources-plugin 3.0.2  3.0.1  3.0.0  2.7  2.6 
Apache Maven Resources Plugin
The Resources Plugin handles the copying of project resources to the output directory. There are two different kinds of resources: main resources and test resources. The difference is that the main resources are the resources associated to...
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-scm-plugin 1.9.5  1.9.4  1.9.2  1.9.1  1.9  1.8.1  1.8 
Maven SCM Plugin
Maven Plugin that allows accessing different SCMs.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-site-plugin 3.6  3.5.1  3.5  3.4  3.3  3.2 
Apache Maven Site Plugin
The Maven Site Plugin is a plugin that generates a site for the current project.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-verifier-plugin 1.1 
Apache Maven Verifier Plugin
Assists in integration testing by means of evaluating success/error conditions read from a configuration file.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-jlink-plugin 3.0.0-alpha-1 
Apache Maven JLink Plugin
The Maven JLink Plugin is intended to create Modular Run-Time Images.,
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-jmod-plugin 3.0.0-alpha-1 
Apache Maven JMod Plugin
Create JMod files
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-antrun-plugin 1.8 
Apache Maven AntRun Plugin
Runs Ant scripts embedded in the POM
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-changelog-plugin 2.3 
Apache Maven Changelog Plugin
Produce SCM changelog reports.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-deploy-plugin 2.8.2  2.8.1  2.8 
Apache Maven Deploy Plugin
Uploads the project artifacts to the internal remote repository.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-doap-plugin 1.2 
Apache Maven DOAP Plugin
Plugin which generates a DOAP file from information in a POM.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-gpg-plugin 1.6  1.5 
Apache Maven GPG Plugin
Signs the project artifacts with GnuPG.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-install-plugin 2.5.2  2.5.1  2.5  2.4 
Apache Maven Install Plugin
Copies the project artifacts to the user's local repository.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-jxr-plugin 2.5  2.4 
Maven JXR Plugin
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-linkcheck-plugin 1.2 
Apache Maven Linkcheck Plugin
This plugin allows you to generate a linkcheck report of your project's documentation.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-rar-plugin 2.4  2.3 
Apache Maven RAR Plugin
Builds a Resource Adapter Archive (RAR) from the project output for deployment to a J2EE server.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-reactor-plugin 1.1 
Apache Maven Reactor Plugin (RETIRED)
Build a subset of interdependent projects in a reactor
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-repository-plugin 2.4 
Apache Maven Repository Plugin
Creates bundles of artifacts that should be manually uploaded to the central Maven repository.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-scm-publish-plugin 1.1  1.0-beta-2  1.0-beta-1  1.0 
Apache Maven SCM Publish Plugin
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-toolchains-plugin 1.1 
Apache Maven Toolchains Plugin
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-help-plugin 2.2 
Maven Help Plugin
The Maven Help plugin provides goals aimed at helping to make sense out of the build environment. It includes the ability to view the effective POM and settings files, after inheritance and active profiles have been applied, as well as...
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-idea-plugin 2.2.1 
Apache Maven IDEA Plugin (RETIRED)
Generates project files for usage with IntelliJ IDEA from the POM.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-one-plugin 1.3 
Apache Maven One Plugin (RETIRED)
Eases the migration from Maven 1.x to Maven 2.x by providing a POM converter etc.
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-remote-resources-plugin 1.5  1.4  1.3 
Apache Maven Remote Resources Plugin
Process resources packaged in JARs that have been deployed to a remote repository. The primary use case being satisfied is the consistent inclusion of common resources in a large set of projects. Maven projects at Apache use this plug-...
org.apache.maven.plugins maven-jdeprscan-plugin 3.0.0-alpha-1 
Apache Maven JDeprScan Plugin
The JDeprScan Plugin uses the jdeprscan tool that scans classes for uses of deprecated API elements.
org.apache.meecrowave meecrowave-maven-plugin 1.1.0  1.0.0  0.3.1  0.3.0  0.2.0 
Meecrowave :: Maven
org.apache.myfaces.tobago maven-apt-plugin 1.0.42  1.0.41  1.0.40 
Maven Apt Plugin
org.apache.myfaces.tobago maven-theme-plugin 1.0.42  1.0.41  1.0.40 
Maven Tobago Theme Plugin
org.apache.myfaces.trinidadbuild maven-faces-plugin 2.0.8 
Apache Trinidad Maven Faces Plugin