List of maven plugins

Group Artifact Versions Description maven-plugin-parent 1.3  1.2  1.1 
one.util huntbugs-maven-plugin 0.0.9  0.0.8  0.0.7  0.0.6  0.0.5  0.0.4  0.0.3  0.0.2  0.0.11  0.0.10  0.0.1 
huntbugs-maven-plugin Maven Plugin
Maven plugin for HuntBugs Java bytecode static analysis tool
org.abstractmeta code-g-maven-plugin 0.4.0  0.3.0 
Java code generation maven plugin
org.acplt.remotetea remotetea-maven-plugin 1.1.4  1.1.3  1.1.2  1.1.1 
Remote Tea : ONC/RPC Maven plugin
A Maven Plugin providing access to the source generator (jrpcgen) in the Maven life cycle phase 'generate-sources'.
org.actframework act-maven-plugin 
ACT Maven Plugin
Support run actframework app using maven task
org.alfresco.maven.plugin alfresco-maven-plugin 3.0.1  3.0.0  2.2.0  2.1.1  2.1.0  2.0.0-beta-4  2.0.0-beta-3  2.0.0-beta-2  2.0.0-beta-1  2.0.0 
Alfresco Maven Plugin
org.aludratest.maven aludratest-helper-maven-plugin 1.0.2  1.0.1  1.0.0 
AludraTest Maven Build Helper Plugin
Maven Plugin for AludraTest Build support, e.g. specialized site generation.
org.amebastack.maven ameba-maven-plugin 0.1.9  0.1.8  0.1.11  0.1.10 
Ameba Maven Plugin
org.anacoders.plugins vertx-maven-plugin 
org.anc.maven.plugins anc-maven-plugin 1.0.7 
ANC Maven Plugin
Generates license, copyright files and logback configuration.
org.andromda.maven.plugins andromda-beautifier-plugin 3.4 
AndroMDA Beautifier Plugin
org.andromda.maven.plugins andromda-bootstrap-install-plugin 3.4 
AndroMDA Bootstrap Install Plugin
A plugin used for "installing" bootstrap artifacts.
org.andromda.maven.plugins andromda-bootstrap-plugin 3.4 
AndroMDA Bootstrap Plugin
A plugin used to run AndroMDA in "bootstrap" mode
org.andromda.maven.plugins andromda-cartridge-plugin 3.4 
AndroMDA Cartridge Maven Plugin
A Maven plugin for performing AndroMDA cartridge related tasks (such as running cartridge tests).
org.andromda.maven.plugins andromda-configuration-mojo 3.4 
AndroMDA Configuration Mojo
An abstract Mojo that another Mojo should extend when it needs to deal with with the AndroMDA configuration
org.andromda.maven.plugins andromda-maven-plugin 3.4 
AndroMDA Maven Plugin
A plugin for running AndroMDA's model processor.
org.andromda.maven.plugins andromda-maven-plugins 3.4 
AndroMDA Maven Plugins
The AndroMDA Maven plugins
org.andromda.maven.plugins andromda-model-archiver-plugin 3.4 
AndroMDA Model Archiver Plugin
A Maven plugin used for archiving models of type, .xml, .uml2, .uml, .emx, .epx (for example by calling the goal you can create a versioned artifact).
org.andromda.maven.plugins andromda-translation-library-plugin 3.4 
AndroMDA Translation Library Maven Plugin
A Maven plugin for performing AndroMDA translation-library related tasks (such as running translation-library tests).
org.andromda.maven.plugins andromdanetapp-maven-plugin 3.4 
AndroMDA .NET Application Generator Maven Plugin
A plugin for running AndroMDA's AndroMDANetApp application generator to generate Maven2 AndroMDA powered applications.
org.andromda.maven.plugins andromdapp-maven-plugin 3.4 
AndroMDA Application Generator Maven Plugin
A plugin for running AndroMDA's AndroMDApp application generator to generate Maven2 AndroMDA powered applications. andromda-site-cartridge-plugin 3.4 
AndroMDA Site Cartridge Plugin
A plugin that enhances the maven site plugin and perform cartridge specific tasks required at the site creation phase. One of its tasks is to run AndroMDA over the cartridge HowTo model and unpack the HowTo pictures archive. andromda-site-plugin 3.4 
AndroMDA Site Plugin
A plugin that enhances the maven site plugin to suit AndroMDA's modifications. It creates the namespace and profile documentation, copy and unpack site artifacts. andromda-site-plugins 3.4 
AndroMDA Maven Site Plugins
The AndroMDA Maven site plugins andromda-site-skin 3.4 
AndroMDA Site Skin
The AndroMDA site skin
org.antlr antlr4-maven-plugin 4.7.1  4.7  4.6  4.5.3  4.5.2-1  4.5.2  4.5.1-1  4.5.1  4.3  4.2.2  4.2.1  4.2  4.1  4.0-rc-1  4.0 
ANTLR 4 Maven plugin
Maven plugin for ANTLR 4 grammars
org.antlr antlr3-maven-plugin 3.5.2  3.5.1  3.5-rc-2  3.5-rc-1  3.5 
ANTLR 3 Maven plugin
This is the brand new, re-written from scratch plugin for ANTLR v3. Previous valiant efforts all suffered from being unable to modify the ANTLR Tool itself to provide support not just for Maven oriented things but any other tool that might wish t...
org.antlr maven-gunit-plugin 3.5.2  3.5.1  3.5-rc-2  3.5-rc-1  3.5 
ANTLR 3 gUnit Maven plugin
A Maven plugin for incorporating gUnit testing of grammars
org.apache.accumulo accumulo-maven-plugin 1.9.1  1.9.0  1.8.1  1.8.0  1.7.4  1.7.3  1.7.2  1.7.1  1.7.0  1.6.6  1.6.5  1.6.4  1.6.3  1.6.2  1.6.1  1.6.0 
Apache Accumulo Maven Plugin
An Apache Maven plugin for testing software against a test Apache Accumulo instance.
org.apache.activemq artemis-maven-plugin 2.6.1  2.6.0  2.5.0  2.4.0  2.3.0  2.2.0  2.1.0  2.0.0  1.5.6  1.5.5  1.5.4  1.5.3  1.5.2  1.5.1  1.5.0  1.4.0  1.3.0  1.2.0  1.1.0  1.0.0 
ActiveMQ Artemis Maven Plugin